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ROHRBACHERs of Weingarten

These vital records were gathered from several LDS films which contain the Parish Records for Weingarten. My line of ROHRBACHERs came to the US in the 1820's and 1830's; therefore, I have concentrated mainly on the events prior to their emigration.

German is not my second language and I would welcome any corrections. Please remember that if you find an item of interest, you should check the original record yourself to verify my transcription.

The LDS web site contains many earlier records from Weingarten, but at the time of my transcriptions there was a gap which these records fill. I am hoping to transcribe the records for another generation (going backwards) before too long, hopefully to settle the mystery of my ggg-grandmother's full name. Many of the children in these transcriptions primarily, but not consistently, used their middle names later in life. I suspect that this is the case with my ggg-grandmother as well.


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Carol Robocker

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