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Voyage of War Spirit 1860/64

From Lloyds List

1860/64 War Spirit, Luckes


Place of report

Content of report

Date of event





Confirm sailing from Liverpool


Fri. June 29

Aden [Sept 13]

(Rickets), arrived from Liverpool

Sept 9



Sat. Jan 22

Bombay [Dec 27]

Arrived from Aden

Dec 24

Fri. Mar 8

Bombay [Feb 12]

(Lucas), sailed for Kurrachee and London

Feb 11

Sat. Mar 23

Kurrachee [Feb 12]

(Lucas), arrived from Bombay, had lost topsail and split mainsail

Feb 22

Sat. Apl 6

Kurrachee [Mar 8]

Sailed for London

Feb 26

Mon. Jun 3

Table Bay [Apl 20]

Arrived from Kurrachee

Apl 11


and sailed for London

Apl 13

Thu Jun 13

Off Plymouth

War Spirit (tpt), Lucas, arrived from Kurrachee

Jun 13

Tue Jun 18

Gravesend [18, E] recd. 18th per M.T. at 10.40

(Tucker), arrived from Kurrachee

Jun 18

Fri. Sep 20

Sunderland [19, SE]

Sailed for Bombay

Sep 18

Thu. Sep 26

Deal [26, N by W] recd. 26th per M.T. at 12.35

Arrived from Sunderland, together with Northern Bride, for Bombay, arrived from the River & sailed

Sep 18



Fri. Mar 21

Bombay [Feb 27]

Arrived from Sunderland

Feb 19

Wed. Jul 9

Bombay [June 11]

Sailed for London

June 11

Wed. Oct 15

Vessels spoken with

War Spirit, Bombay to London, 109 days out


Thu. Oct 16

Deal [16, W]

Arrived from Bombay

Oct 15

Fri. Oct 17

Gravesend [17, NW]

Arrived from Bombay

Oct 16



Fri. Mar 13

Gravesend [Mar 12] recd. 12th per M.T. at 3.55

Sailed for Auckland

Mar 12

Sat. Mar 14


Arrived from the River & sailed for Auckland NZ

Mar 13

Tue. Mar 17

off Dartmouth

Arrived from London, for New Zealand

Mar 16

Thu. Jun 11

Vessels spoken with

War Spirit, London to Rio Janeiro. 5 S 20 W **

Apl 11

Mon. Sep 14

Auckland NZ [July 6]

Arrived from London

June 27



Sat. Feb 6

Vessels spoken with

War Spirit, Auckland to Calcutta, 1st Jan 1864 by the Hippolyta, Follet, at Calcutta

Jan 1

Mon. Feb 22

Calcutta [Jan 20]

Arrived from Auckland

Jan 7

Fri. May 13

Calcutta [Apl 9]

Sailed for London

Apl 7

Wed. Aug 31

off the Wight

Arrived from Calcutta

Aug 29

Thu. Sep 1


Arrived from Calcutta

Aug 31


War Spirit to Mackintosh



Kurrachee = Karachi

** - This position is in the South Atlantic Ocean, crossing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, to the north-west of Ascension Island.

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