This bird, the Mata Nui Fire Turkey Turkamata, lives in the mists of lava near Ta-Koro. It feeds on smaller birds like the Infernavicka. It is quick to react to danger.

To build the Turkamata use pieces from Tahu, Pohatu, and an extra piece or two that you have in your Bionicle collection.

This very rare Mata Nui crystal has the power to see into the future. A leader Nuhvok could find this easily. It uses its power to see into the future to see what happens to the Bahrag. If it loses the crystal the krana flies free. Then it finds the crystal and places it inside its head where the krana was. If the leader Nuhvok sees a Mata Nui deer it drops the crystal and runs for its life. Then it comes back to find the crystal to place in its head where the krana was.


Build a Mata Nui crystal using an extra piece and the eyes from a Gahlok.