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[Album cover]
Mr. W. G. Allen

Dear Sir

We your late Employees have
Great pleasure in presenting you
With this Souvenir as a token
Of the esteem we have always held
Of you & wish you every success in
Your future undertakings.

I Remain,
	Respectfully yours
On Behalf of the Employees

Miss E Hill					Mr. W. Radford
Miss B Hill		James R. Or?		Mr T. Oakes
Miss M. Patterson		F.O. Massey		Mr. F. Howell
Miss S Barriball		Auckland 7th Sept 1889	Mr. J. Edwards
Miss E Mathews
Miss J Mathews

Hanna, 134 Queen Street, Auckland [William George ALLEN & Annie ROBERTS] {}
Hanna, 134 Queen Street, Auckland {}
Hanna, 134 Queen Street, Auckland {}
Tuttle & Co, 421 George Street, SYDNEY "Yours Fraternally Arthur Sims H.M.S. Diamond" 
Herbst, 28 Oxford St, Hyde Park, Sdyney {}
Davies, Portland, OR [William George ALLEN] {}
J D Hanna, Late Clarke Bros. Auckalnd. [William Nicolas ALLEN (?)] {}
[William Thomas ALLEN] {}
Hanna, 134 Queen Street, Auckland [William George ALLEN] {}
Hemus "C. E. Teunen .?. "A" Battery"
{} New York Gallery, 25 Third Street, San Francisco, Sal., Sewell & Hucks
{} {}
W. A. Collis, New Plymouth {}
Gifford, Portland, OR {}
Prof. G. L. Eastman, Portland, OR {}
McAlpin and Lamb, Portland, OR 6938
Tuttle & Co., 248 Queen Street, Auckland and Sydney {}
Tuttle & Co., 248 Queen Street, Auckland and Sydney {}
Gregory, Queen & Wellesley Sts, Auckland
Chas. Lainer, 31 Third St., S.F. {}
Wrigglesworth & Binns, Willis St, Wellington NZ [William George ALLEN]
Hanna, 134 Queen Street, Auckland "Serj't  W. G. from his sincere friend John M W Geddes, Lieut A Battery.?. HMRA?, August 1 1886." [does not scan]
Gregory. Ponsonby.
Bartlett Photo Auckland N.Z.
Fotografia Pertierra, Calle Carriedo 2, MANILA
Gregory, Queen & Wellesley Sts., Auckland
Hartley's, 309 W Madison St, Chicago "Jack Tibbes, 503 Austin Avenue, Chicago Ill, Son of B Tiblets"
Gregory. Ponsonby Road Auckland
Hanna, 134 Queen Street, Auckland "Yours truly E R Dendy A R Dendy, Wharf Hotel"
J.T. GORUS, 115 King Street, Sydney "Yours Truly James A Meade 1886" {}
{} {}
[J. Whitcomb Brougher] [The White Temple Portland, Oregon 1905]
Talma Studio.  Onehunga. {}
{} J. E. MILLAR, Hokianga
The following pictures are from other sources
Collins photo Auckland. Jervois House. {} {}
Postcard. Sep 1909. Identified: Mrs Allen, Mrs Merrill, Irene Allen, father, Will Merrill {} {}

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