PEI Marriage Register:  Extract of McLean & McCalder

Transcribed from LDS Film #1630091 "Marriage registers, 1832-1888"  Note from LDS:  "Dates of indexes correspond to dates of marriages, and marriage records are arranged by date of registration so the dates of the indexes and the marriage records do not always match. The typed index to each marriage register precedes it. Indexes are alphabetized by first letter of the surname only. In some indexes, the "Mc" and "Mac" names are indexed by the first letter after "Mc" or "Mac"."

Surnames of Interest: McLean and McCalder

PEI Marriages: 1832-1840
No Date Groom Bride
20   MCLAINE, Andrew MCAULEY, Charlotte
69 10 Apr 1834 MCCALDER, Archibald CAMPBELL, Mary
110 22 Jan 1835 MACLEAN, Alex. MCRAE, Catherine
158 20 Aug 1835 MACLEAN, Angus MCEACHERN, Isabella
192 16 Nov 1835 MCLEAN, Ronald MCNEIL, Mary
222 3 Jun 1835 HARDING, Charles CALDER, Mary
251 24 Aug 1837 MCLEAN, Christopher MCFARLANE, Mary
460 14 Jan 1840 MCLEAN, Archibald MCKENZIE, Euphemia

PEI Marriages: 1839-1844
75 7 Jan 1841 MCLEAN, Lachlan CANTILLO (sp?), Jessie
133 5 Jan 1842 MCLEAN, Hector RANKIN, Flora
177 8 Feb 1842 MACLEAN, John MACGREGOR, Margaret
266 9 Mar1843 MCLEAN, Malcolm MCKAY, Lexy
260 7 May 1843 MCLEAN, John LEWELLIN, Susanna
357   MCLEAN, John MCNEIL, Christiana
358   MCLEAN, Donald CURRIE, Sarah

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