1861 Census extract. Wellington Parish.


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Heads of Households on pages 96-99

pg 96

Donald MCEACHERON born Scotland, wife Catherine born PEI

(?) SHAW born PEI, wife Esther born PEI

Donald MCBEATH born Scotland, wife Euphemia born Canada

Archibald MATHEW born ?, wife Elizabeth born Province

Malcolm MORRISON born Scotland, wife Catherine born Scotland

Dougald MCEACHERON born PEI, wife Mary Ann born PEI

pg 97

Neil MCINTOSH born Province, wife Mary born Cape Breton (plus lodgers CHISHOLM born Province & DINGWELL born PEI)

John MCDONALD born Cape Breton, wife Isabella born Cape Breton

James MCNARN born Province, wife Ann born Province (plus lodger MCHOWAN born PEI)

William MCNARN born Province, wife Isabella born Province (plus lodgers ?IDD, WADE, SEGERE - all born Province)

Thomas JOHNSON born England, wife Jane born Province

John BOWSER born England, wife Flora born England

pg 98

Neil MCEACHERON born Scotland, wife Ann born Province

Donald MCAULDER born Scotland, widower

John MCEACHERON born Scotland, wife Flora born PEI

Dougald MCEACHERON born Scotland, wife Elizabeth born NS (lodger MINROY born Province)

John MCNEIL born Cape Breton, wife Christina born Province

John CAMERON born Scotland, wife Euphemia born PEI (lodger MCDONALD born Scotland)

Charles MCLEAN born Scotland, widower, son born PEI (lodger Henry MCA???INE born PEI)

pg 99

John MCDONALD born Scotland, wife Mary born Cape Breton

Laughlan MCLEAN born Cape Breton, wife Flora born Cape Breton

Robert MCPHERSON born Cape Breton, wife Ellen born Cape Breton (lodger MCPHERSON born Cape Breton)

Angus MCMILLEN born Cape Breton, wife Isabella born Province

John AMOS born England, wife Catherine born Province

Mary ANDREW born Province, widow, (several lodgers)

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